Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Hi lovelies, it's been a minute I posted on the blog I know right. As much as I have a passion for what I do, there are certain times, I get really busy with everyday life. It's almost overwhelming sometimes I feel like giving up.
 I can't believe it's 4 years already, since I started blogging. It doesn't seem that long but it feels like forever. I've realised, as social media evolve,people evolve with it. Gone are the days when there was no Instagram or Snapchats people look forward to your blog post and that was how you generate traffic but now, people only aim for the number of followers.

  In the social media world of today, it's either people like what you have to offer in terms of content, or they like your looks in terms of style,which would earn you more followers if you're lucky or you're just a favourite of some sort.Period!
There are various ticks and antics which play out on social media, it almost leaves those of us who havent yet reached or climbed as high as we would have expected frustrated.
There are those,who do the I follow you,you follow me back thing almost like you're signing a deal...lol. Truth be said,everyone needs followers to boost or help their brands.
For instance, i'm that blogger, who runs into a page either through my timeline or just browsing through Instagram,and i like the content of a page,im pushing that follow botton not minding if the person follows me back or not. If they do follow me, it feels good aswell. I'm thinking hey this individual probably took a peek at my page,and also liked what they see.
I've had people I started following even before the whole pack of followers knew who they were,some have known as far back through Facebook, others since the inception of Instagram. For some reason they gain more niche than you do, your progress seems slow while they go on being noticed, then they unfollow you.
We also have the tricky ones who follow you, you follow back and few days they un-follow you. Now thats shady.
Some People have even gone to the extremes, of cutting courners just to get followers . Let me give you a senerio, you have 20k plus followers, and still struggle with a 100likes or less. You wonder what happened to the 19k other followers, do they genuinely exist or are they ghost followers?
 I've seen this play on over and over again it almost frustrate the effort of an average blogger. I've observed very few bloggers, keep up with blogging these days because they have been let down by their viewers, not because their content isn't as interesting as it use to be, but because people just prefer to see first hand looks on social media platforms such as Instagram but only a few follow the links to the blog and most people are out there worrying about the number of followers they have.
A word of advice thou, if you're that blogger that have been well known and recognized, gained a lot of followers and represent brands,don't get so uptight about it, always remember your humble beginnings, when all you wanted was for people to view and recognise  your blog, vblogs and pages. Don't feel too self absorbed,ignoring comments or dm' s on your pages everyone is relevant and remember they brought you this far...

 I hope you enjoy today's post? Love the print on my floral dress also the simplicity of it. I hope you agree with me. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone...Cheers
                                     I'M WEARING
                         Dress: Marks and Spencer
                          Jacket: Vintage
                           Bag:Henry Holland