Saturday, 25 October 2014


Hi lovelies been a min trust your week has been great. I had a look makeover this week and i'm still trying to warm up to my new hair do plus it was crazy windy today getting a shoot without me holding my hair in place or shutting my eyes was a real struggle. Anyway, don't you just love my "LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT" shirt? I do and that was what i choose first when putting this outfit together. It's just a fun shirt and I feel it brings out the pop factor in the whole outfit. Do enjoy the new week and remember to leave your comments......Love you guys XOXO

                                                                 OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                                   Shirt: Asos
                                                                   Blazer:New Look
                                                                   Jeans:7 for all mankind
                                                                   Bag:Chanel boy
                                                                    Shoe: Sam Edelman

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Who says Winter has to be Grey and boring, why not spunk it up with some amazing colors in selected eye catching coats/ jacket. Here are some of my finds for less than $50


Hi lovelies, London weather is definitely an unpredictable one one minutes its hot the next cold. I was happy with a lil flash of sunlight that showed today although not for long don't be fooled by the sun rays in the picture, it was very cold. Anyway i wore this outfit to my friend's surprise party and trust me she was very surprised and ended up busting into tears. Enough said I decided to pair this stripe jumper with a colored denim after all there's no rule to wearing colors in winter. Accessorised with a vailed beanie hat and i was good to go. 
Enjoy xoxo

                                                              OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                                     Denim:Vero moda
                                                                     Shoe:Christian Louboutin

Friday, 10 October 2014


 Hello lovelies been a min.The weather has finally switched, it's been raining non-stop and its been cold.Anyway,I hope you're all prepared for the layering season?I'm well prepared though and i can't wait to share with you some amazing coat collection i purchased.
This outfit was inspired by the Burberry runway collection.I know it seem like a regular ensemble,but accessorizing with the scarf and belt, gives it a chic vibe. I hope you like it.
Enjoy XOXO

                                                                OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                                   Dress:The Stock shop
                                                                  Sunglasses:Marc Jacobs
                                                                  Bag and Shoe:Valentino