Thursday, 1 August 2013


Hi lovelies, today's post is all about my desert safari experience and how my fun day went I had my days planned out and what activities and places to see on this trip. Anyway, i woke up really excited about today as it was my desert safari day and i had carefully selected what outfit to wear as it was going to be a desert ride plus it was Ramadan. 

 So, i decided to wear a blue shoulder cut-out jumpsuit, added a pink neon slim belt to cinch in the waist and balance the outfit out,paired it up with a pink sandal, accessorized with ethnic beads, had my Arab scarf in hand and finished up the look with a large shoulder bag. Sure you'll like it. Started off with the desert safari, everything seem to be going fine until the driver started doing some stunts, i was nauseated within seconds and i pleaded for the ride to end long story short, i ended up throwing up....Embarrassed. I felt much better after that, and went on the quad bike and also took a camel ride. At least the day turned out great.

                              Channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw

                                                 Rough rider having a blast
            After a long day of fun tired much, make up is gone, in my element, dinner time
                                                                         What i'm wearing
                                                                        Jumpsuit: South
                                                                        Sandal: Priceless shoes
                                                                        Necklace: Primark(old)
                                                                        Bag: Gucci Soho shoulder bag
                                                                        Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton
                                                                         Scarf: Old