Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hi lovelies, the neon trend has gone viral for a while now and it reminds me of the 80's thank God i was born in that era. The cloths where vibrant, fun, fresh and funky and a lot of us, have been trending in our neon's. Here is an update of how i mix my neon's with a dog tooth skater skirt. I hope you like it. 

 In case you're wondering why the plaster, its not an accessory, i burnt my self doing my hair.....SAD

                                                                          Outfit Details
                                                                      Top: Primark
                                                                      Skirt: Asos
                                                                      Clutch: Max
                                                                      Accessories: Necklace: Chanel
                                                                                          Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli
                                                                                          Wristwatch: Christian Dior
                                                                                          Belt: H&M from a dress

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