Tuesday, 3 April 2018


 Hi lovelies, trust your day has been great? mine could be better but still grateful.
I recently just got back from a trip to Nigeria which made me think,I should visit home more often after all there's no place like home. I couldn't believe the changes that had happened in just 3years which was the last time I went.
 However, the hustle and bustle of Lagos living never seize to amaze me. From the early cry of bread sellers, to the car horns blaring, food vendors here and there which is amazing (something I didn't appreciate till i moved to London),traffic which is a normal staple. I could go on and on. These among several other things make Lagos living unique and boy how I miss that life.
However, one thing I never miss is the black out..Thank fully, I was pleasantly surprised with the light condition,it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. But coming from an extreme cold weather to extreme heat wave, felt like pain but in all I enjoyed my stay.
 Today's outfit was one of my casual looks during my stay..love the delicate mesh top design styled with a denim skirt, good old platform brogues and I was good. I hope you love this outfit as much as I do..Enjoy the rest of the week guys.

                                I'M WEARING
                          Top: ASOS
                           Shoe: Public Desire

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Hi loves,trust everyone is having a cosy day? Happy Valentine's day to everyone and make sure you share all the love and positivity as Lent also starts today.

Today's outfit is centred around the 'FUR. 
Fur is a statement piece anyone should have in their wardrobe. It adds a glam look to every outfit either dress down like I did  or taking it up a notch.Plus with the crazy cold weather, a lil cosyness never hurt nobody.
Enjoy the rest of your day guys....Cheers

                                     I'M WEARING
                               SHIRT:shk PARIS
                                BAG: GUCCI
                                SHOE:Christian Louboutin

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Hi lovelies happy Tuesday to you all. Trust your day has been great so far? I was just thinking the other day how best to style this stripe jumpsuit without looking like I did a prison break...smiles
I fell in love with it at first sight for obvious reasons. Firstly it's stripe,secondly it's not a regular cut for a jumpsuit,it is a culotte and bustier combo with a tie feont details and thirdly, it's a versatile piece which can be styled both for the summer and winter...Now tell me that's not a statement piece to own.
I styled mine for the cold winter days by wearing a jumper under it and of course layering with a vibrant coat for that pop of colour. Who says winter has to be boring.Have a good one

                                  I'M WEARING
                         Jumpsuit:ASOS, Similar Here
                         Jumper: Zara
                         Shoe: Christian Louboutin

Sunday, 21 January 2018


Hi lovelies,trust your weekend has been great? We've been struggling with really bad weather in London,so I'll advice everyone to be safe and stay warm.
I've always been searching for that perfect leopard faux fur coat, and I just couldn't let this go when I found it. Leopard prints are one wardrobe staple that can go on almost anything.Ill advice anyone to invest in one of the pieces either a shirt,skirt or coat.
I decided to style my leopard coat with a simple black dress,paired with fishnet tights and black pumps..Hope you like it? Enjoy the rest of the week....Cheers

                                 I'M WEARING
                           SHOE: Christian Louboutin (Alti)

Friday, 12 January 2018


 I lovelies,happy weekend to you all. I'm feeling very girly in this all pink ensemble. Still on my monotone series of styling same colours. I hope you like so far....Enjoy
Click on images for clearer view


Thursday, 4 January 2018


Happy New year everyone so excited we made it whoop whoop. It's the beginning of another year and it's already going by fast.I can't believe it's the forth day already.
So guys I don't particularly have any new year resolutions. I just want to be a better me this year. Staying commited to the things I love doing,blogging being one of them because I know I haven't been dedicated in the last few years. That amongst a few things have neglected in the past.I wouldn't want to call them new resolutions,because they are things i i have had in motion but never completed to my fullest potential.
That been said,I started the monotone series late into the year, and this is just some styling inspirations on same colour tones. I've got alot of encouraging feedback and I'll be giving you more of that.
So,I decided to style my best colour today which is blue. I don't know what it is about the colour that has got me stock from a very young age but I just love the cool vibe.
I decided to add in a bit if colour to the outfit with my heels and clutch.
I hope you like the look....Enjoy

                                     I'M WEARING
                           DRESS:EXHIBIT @ASOS
                            COAT: WAREHOUSE
                             SHOES: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI
                             CLUTCH: DUBAI MALL