Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Hi lovelies, i'm sure everyone is getting prepped for the holidays?i'm having a Christmas dinner at mine so I've been pretty busy.Anyway, today's post is all centered on a one color combination. I choose to do an all gray shade today and it ended up nicely plus i got about three popular fashion pages on Instagram featuring this look.This doesn't happen all the time.I love a good high waisted pant it helps define your waist and creates a structure for the entire outfit.I hope you like it.Enjoy the rest of your holidays guys.
Cheers XOXO

                                                                         OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                                        Shoe:E-vie at peacock
                                                                        Bag:Chanel Boy

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


 Hi lovelies, i hope your day have been splendid. Mine has been great but i'm sincerely not feeling this London cold at all.
 I wore this outfit about a week ago and need i say,i was feeling myself in it. The details of this dress which i decided to style as a blouse is everything.I was in fringe heaven and the shoe seem like they  were made together. Also wearing one of my pieces from my line was a proud moment.I made this skirt as a sample few months ago which i added to my shop SHOP HERE and i decided to style together with this top.

 added a bit of accessory with the belt to complete the look.I hope you like it.

                                                                   OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                              Dress worn as top:Vera and Lucy
                                                              Skirt:Sixth sense Couture Available HERE
                                                               Coat:Twenty one
                                                                Shoe:Aldo Rise for JW Anderson
                                                               Bag:Beverley hills

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Hi lovelies been a min. Winter has never been my favorite time of the year but this year's winter have got me really excited. I never use to be the girl who liked to wear coats,my thing was with jackets and blazers even during winter,but this year I've  started to appreciate Coats a whole lot more. I did invest in some unique pieces and i just can't stop buying coats now. This is one of the coats i purchased recently and i just fell completely in love with the color block and it completely stands out. The good thing though was the sun came out a little which made it even more beautiful in the sun rays. I hope you like it? Invest in some fun winter coats and brighten up the gray Winter.
      Cheers xoxo


                                                                       OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                                Shirt:Philosophy Blues Original
                                                                Coat:Envy me Paris
                                                                Jeans:True Religion
                                                                Shoe:Just Fab
                                                                Bag:Marks and Spencer