Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hi lovelies, as we all know its fashion week season and everyone have been buzzing about it. It was time for London fashion week and weekend and i couldn't miss it for the world. The fun, unique fashion and style, it was really an eventful experience. So, this was what i had on for the first day of fashion weekend. I had all my outfits ready for the days ahead and i knew from the go what I'd be wearing. I decided to wear something from my own brand Sixth Sense Couture, i went with an animal print crop top and a trumpet skirt, its a shame the pictures didn't capture the beautiful pattern on the skirt. I couldn't think of a better event to show case what i do.Anyway, here are few of the pictures from the event.

                The complete outfit and more will be available for purchase soon in case you want to make an                                                                            order....LOL


                                           Sorry about the quality of the picture
Outfit Details
Top and Skirt: Sixth Sense Couture
Shoe: Balenciaga
Bag:Ted Baker
Kitten hair band: Custom made