Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi lovelies, trust your day has been brilliant? Today's post is from last week, and i'm excited to share my experience. I got a message from a TV presenter from Nigeria, Toke who works for Superscreen TV, she said she was coming to London and would like to interview me. 
In case you didn't know, that's my home country.Long story short,I had the interview with her and  I was truly honored,that someone recognizes what i do and the fact that my first ever interview was from home Nigeria .It was a fun interview i must say.Anyway, i decided to dress casual for the day as it was outdoors.I wore a blazer over a sweat top,distressed denim and my sneakers.
Cheers XOXO

Never forget, everyone who made a name for themselves,started from humble beginnings.Take every opportunity you've got seriously,nothing is too small,one baby step at the time and the sky will be a starting point. Learn not to look down on people or underestimate anybody,Some people take years to reach their goal,while others a week or months.
I'm not where i dream to be, but i'm happy with who i am and i continue to strive for who i want to be                                                                                    ....Smiles

                                                                     Outfit Details
                                                                Blazer: Asos
                                                                Jeans:Authentic denim
                                                                Sneakers:True Religion
                                                                Scarf: Old

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