Friday, 5 February 2016


Hi lovelies, Happy New Year to you all. I know this is rather coming late but hey let's pretend the year just started all over again...smiles
Today's post, is just one of my random dress selections or better still pairing various clothing items together and making it your own. Gone are those days, when i worry about my dress being too short and i'll have to wear a stocking underneath just to fake it or make me feel better or comfortable. What if,you just want to rock your dress as it is, without bugging your head over your tush being exposed hmmmm my solution, my secret, pair another item of clothing with it. A pant, leggings or a skirt will do, Style it, own it and make yours oh YES.

I bought this beautiful pink wool dress from a vintage store, and it was just the perfect length, right above my knee.Plus,the details made me love it even more and the fact that i'll be the only one who has it, definitely made me buy it. I have a terrible habit thou, of tossing everything i buy newly in the washing machine before i wear it. If you're like me and you don't read care instructions, this is a warning.Imagine my surprise, when my perfect dress shrunk into the size of a top. I tugged at it, pulled it, but the deed was already done.
But, it didn't stop me of thinking of another option of styling it. I decided to wear a peplum hem skirt underneath to lengthen it and of course give it another look. Paired it with a pvc ankle boot and wore an ankle socks with it and there you have it. I hope you like it. Cheers

                                                       I was wearing
                                                      Dress:Frank Usher Vintage
                                                      Skirt: H&M
                                                      Ankle boots:Boohoo

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