Monday, 13 May 2013

MILITARY LOOK "Bargain mix"

Hi everyone, i decided to share this look with you all today. I wore this few weeks ago a day before my daughter turned 1 but didn't have time to post it. As i have mentioned i'm a lover of anything fashion, designer or high street it doesn't matter to me, putting it together well and making it work definitely  is the yin to my yang. I'm not one to say i don't wear this brand or that brand. So make what you have work and have fun experimenting.........Cheers xoxo.

                     I was caught off guard in this picture but not all pictures have to be serious don't you agree

                          She definitely got it from me.showing off just before we left the house

                                                                  Outfit Details
                                                     Camoflage top :Primark
                                                     Layered spike necklace: Primark
                                                     Denim: Roca wear
                                                     Sunglasses: neff
                                                     Loafers: Lilley