Monday, 13 May 2013

"Outfit of the day"STRIPES GOT ME.

Morning lovelies, so its summer but the weather has been confusing.Its been sunny,windy,raining.......but luckily not crazy chilly.So, for today's look it can be described as my laid back look as i decided to walk this morning as a form of exercise. I love this jumper as its not plain Jane it has a bit of detailing in there, which makes it work for me,added a black crop legging, my sneakers,hoops and lil makeup as it's most likely i'll sweat........hope you like the look.................Cheers xoxo.

                   Forgive my crazy pose i didn't realize i had my hand on my waist most of the time.

                                                                  Outfit Details
                                                          Jumper: E-vie
                                                          Leggings: Icon Apparel
                                                          Sneakers: True Religion
                                                          Earring: Old
                                                          Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs