Friday, 30 May 2014


 Hi lovelies,so it was my birthday on Monday the 26th and i'm indeed grateful to be alive and doing well all thanks to God for keeping me through the years. My day started off like any other day and being a Monday,it was rather laid back. I have been screaming for a big party to my hubby as long as i could remember but as the day drew closer, i wasn't in the mood for anything elaborate. I just went for dinner with my husband and few friends and i had all the fun in the world, i'm sure i wouldn't have had so much fun if it was a big party.
Anyway, i wore a lace dress in red and cream tones, a gift from the hubs,I pride him in his taste for good quality and pretty cloths, although when it comes to the price, i'm always the one complaining this is too expensive.I rather buy an expensive pair of shoe or a bag rather than cloths but what can i say,I can't turn down a good gift.I paired it with neutral tone heels and bag and i was good to go. 
Enjoy XOXO

NB:Sorry about the quality of pictures its a collection from three different phones and ignore the background didn't realize the walkway was dirty.Birthday excitement got the best of me.

                                                                         Outfit Details
                                                                    Dress: Phase Eight
                                                                     Earring:Vintage(gifted by sis inlaw)