Saturday, 24 May 2014


 Hi lovelies been a minute, do you know you can get a good vintage piece from Vintage stores? I'm someone who loves experimenting but not showing too much skin as i love the elegance associated with Vintage clothes. However, when i dress down/casually it's always a good pair of denim and sneakers for me occasionally i do a mix with heels.
Anyway that been said, I wore this vintage dress to church last Sunday and i was loving it,even the hubs couldn't stop admiring me(Giggles). The colors of pink, grey ,teal just worked well together, i was totally in love with the color when i found the dress i just had to own it. I did a bit of accessoring added a side hat/ facinator, went with a bold necklace a bowling bag although, I would have opted for a clutch but i dashed out  of the house in a hurry and i just grabbed this to fit in my stuff and of course my little girl. I hope you like it?                                                            Enjoy XOXO

                                                                         Outfit Details
                                                                      Hat/ Facinator: Debenhams


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