Thursday, 19 September 2013


 Hi lovelies, Good morning to you all. Sorry about the late post, I've been working on some new project and that's kept me a bit tied up. You can also follow me on instagram , just to get a quick update of my looks, because most times i upload on the go. Anyway, just to share with you, what i had on yesterday, wore a white t-shirt on skinny jeans, pulled on a leather jacket accessorized with a neck scarf for a pop of color, sneakers and i was off. I'm very sure a lot of us can relate to this look....Smiles.. XOXO

                                                                            Outfit Details
                                                                             T-Shirt: Zara
                                                                             Jacket:Miss guided
                                                                             Sneakers: H&M
                                                                             Scarf: Primark

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