Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hi lovelies, sorry have not done a post of late I've been  trying to sort out one or two things. The good thing however is i'm back. I wore this outfit the other day, to do some running around with Zara. It's really simple but i love the whole outfit and as i have mentioned before, I am a big fan of the dip-hem. Trust me every day is not a glam day i even went out without any earrings or any accessories but choosing the right outfit for a simple look, shouldn't make you look all sloppy which ever way you decide to style yourself. Have a beautiful day ahead.
Cheers XOXO

                                                                       Outfit Details 
                                                                  Top: H&M
                                                                  Jeans: Rocawear
                                                                  Flats: South