Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hi lovelies, should have done this post earlier but I've been preoccupied with various things. Anyway Friday(5th) was a busy day for me, started my day out and about the city sorting out one thing or the other, planned going for the movie premiere of "Shameful Deceit" a Nollywood movie adapted in the UK later at night with a few of my girlfriends. I hate to bore you, but i smelt a rat from the word go; the screening was meant to start at 8:30 pm but it didn't till about 11pm hmmmmmm. I thought it couldn't be that bad we're here already and had waited this long so, let me just enjoy the rest of my evening. Having bought the VIP ticket for a ridiculous amount of money, i was in no rush to get in and when i eventually did, the said VIP seats were taken WHAT? i thought to myself, this must be a joke. I paid x2 of the regular fee to seat in a reserved VIP seat which promised to come with free finger food and drink, queued up for a silly wrist band and and to my amazement the only seat option, was right in front of the screen My God!!! i was so gutted this to me was a daylight robbery. 
I complained to one of the organizers, and they promised a half payment refund which i'm not certain will happen after all. Anyway, the only high light of the evening for me was the walk on the carpet and seeing people dressed to the nines.I had on a simple black dip hem crossed back dress,cinched in the waist with a corset belt,paird it with nude ankle clasp heels, added a jacket and an over-sized clutch.

                                                          Showing off the

She's wearing a basic tank top on denim and ankara skirt your thoughts?
 My friend and I, she's the creator of Autumns denim and ankara and she's wearing one of her designs

                                                                My Outfit details
                                                                Dress: Zara
                                                                Jacket: Jaeger
                                                                Clutch: Asos
                                                                Belt: TwentyOne
                                                              Accessories: Earring Primark, watch Rolex

  This was one of my best looks for the night.I think she put in an effort and the gown fitted her curves   perfectly

  She went for a black dress would have loved to see her in something bright. It will work better with her skin tone.
 The producer of the movie Theodora Ibekwe in wine and black. Not feeling the bow at all at least she had her hair pulled back.
I love a guy that puts an effort to what he wears and i like a guy who can play with colors. Commended this dude on his look,would have preferred a loafers thou and the label on the hem of the sleeve, not so cute that has to go......WARNING
                              The lead actor of the movie Lanre Balogun

          Love this emerald green gown. what do you think did she pull it  off?

                                          Representing for Africa Autunms DNA jumpsuit


  1. Awwww . Looks like u all had a great night. Loving all the different shapes n styles. Great looks xx

  2. The night was aight but the movie itself naaah