Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Hi lovelies, so started my day a little bit earlier than usual today and found myself in the heart of the city. I decided to act the tourist today after achieving what i went to do, as I've always passed by Trafalgar Square but never for once stopped by. Anyway, i did that and it was fun. My outfit choice for today was a casual look, wore a white tee and skinnies with a black blazer(as it was quite windy), paired it up with a mid-high canvas wedge and i was off. Anyone can pull this look off just have fun dressing up.

                                                                      Outfit Details
                                                                   T-shirt: Juicy couture
                                                                   Jeans: Rocawear
                                                                   Sandal: Liz Claiborne
                                                                   Sunglasses: Cazal
                                                                   Bag: Banane Taipei
                                                                   Blazer: Kiah

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