Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hi lovelies,did you miss me? cos i sure did. Sorry i haven't been in touch, as i was trying to get things sorted out. Anyway, the good thing is i'm back and i cannot wait to share with you all what i have been up to lately.
 Dubai has been one of my favorite places to visit, of course i could do without the heat but every other thing seem perfect. I decided to go on holiday with Zara to explore the beauty of the country and make our 2 weeks break worth the while unfortunately hubby couldn't join us. Anyway, i got here in the morning, so i had the whole day ahead of me. I did a bit of strolling around and i must say, the view is one of the things i simply can't get enough of, very stunning and a good holiday spot for all. Although, i still have a whole week of exploring left so i guess a lot more to see....LOL.
Went for a laid back look as it was evening time, wore a basic black tank over leopard print trousers. It's got an elasticated waist and ankle cuff paired this with loafers and i was off for my stroll.



                                                            The view from the balcony at night.....Stunning.

Outfit Details
Tank top: Evolution girl 
Pants: Cien De Oro
Loafers: Lilley
Sunglasses: Cazal
Earrings:Old, Wrist watch: Christian Dior

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